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Kadett C / Engine and Transmission

Set Thermostat Housing + Cover, Opel GT, Opel CIH

  • Brand new!
    Often the thermostat housing and the matching cover are marked with age. The sealing surfaces have "caries" and leaks are pre-programmed. Or threads are defective and unscrewed ... that's not very nice either.
    Even the best sealing paste cannot prevent leaks in the long term.
    No problem ! We supply replacements in the form of brand new thermostat housings and covers.
    • Suitable for all carburettor CIH engines 1.6,1.9,2.0...
    • brand new manufacturing
    • Thermostat housing also suitable for sports carburetors
    • top price 
    Scope of delivery: 1 new thermostat housing + 1 cover